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Jack Weinblatt, M.D.
Wanda Weinblatt
Cathy Weinblatt
Jim Weinblatt, M.D.
Andrea Weinblatt
Sarah Weinblatt
Matt Weinblatt
Ben Weinblatt
Samuel Weinblatt

The Weinblatts

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The Weinblatts came to Philadelphia in the late 1800s from Kiev, in the Ukraine.  Frank Weinblatt, the first- generation American, died of tuberculosis when his son Harry was a young boy.  To support the family, Harry quit school and sold newspapers while his mother ran a candy store.  As a young man, Harry moved to Mart, Texas, to work at his cousin's clothing store, "The Famous."  There he met Eva Abrams, whose family owned the Abrams Hotel, Mart's only accommodation.  Eva's father moonlighted as a political columnist for the local newspaper.  Eva and Harry eloped in the sidecar of a motorcycle driven by Harry's cousin.

Eva and Harry had two children, Frances and Jack, who were both born in Mart.  In 1931 the family moved to Temple, Texas, and Harry opened his own store, which he named "The Famous."  Frances graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and went to work as a secretary at Macy's Department Store in New York.  Moving to Houston, Texas at the end of World War II, she shared her apartment with her brother Jack and helped support him through medical school before marrying Alex Wolff.  Jack served in the Navy during World War II stateside as a corpsman.  He went on to become a much-beloved family doctor in Temple, Texas, where he still practices as of April 2007, at the age of 80.

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Jack and his first wife Isabel Charles had two children, Cathy and Jim.  In 1966, Jack married Wanda Louise Creech, and in April 2006 they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  Wanda and Jack live in Temple, Texas.  Between them, they have four grown children, and five grandchildren.

The Weinblatt family home

Living Family Members Surnamed "Weinblatt"

bulletWeinblatt, Andrea Elizabeth Lambert b.1956
bulletWeinblatt, Benjamin Charles b.1991
bulletWeinblatt, Cathy b.1951
bulletWeinblatt, Jack Sayre, M.D. b. 1926
bulletWeinblatt, James Sayre ("Jim"), M.D. b.1953
bulletWeinblatt, Matthew Sayre Weinblatt b.1987
bulletWeinblatt, Sarah Elizabeth b.1984
bulletWeinblatt, Wanda Louise Creech b.1933
bulletWolff, Frances Weinblatt

Deceased Family Members Surnamed "Weinblatt"

bulletGoldburg, Bertha Mae Weinblatt Goldburg b.1893
bulletWeinblatt, Eva Abrams
bulletWeinblatt, Frank
bulletWeinblatt, Harry
bulletWeinblatt, Samuel b.1858

Genealogist:  Wanda Creech Weinblatt, P.O. Box 1027, Temple, TX 76503-1027  

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